To meet the urgent needs of service performance and safety assessment of major transportation infrastructure, Division Ⅴ developed an advanced Pavement Experimentation Station (PES), including a Natural Environment - Automatically Loaded Track (NE-ALT) and a Controlled Environment - Multiaxial Loading Facility (CE-MLF), which can couple the special natural environmental factors of various regions with the complex vehicle load in tests. In addition, a laboratory for road materials, a laboratory for road infrastructure monitoring and inspection technology, a laboratory for smart sensing and IoT technology, and a laboratory for forensic engineering were also established. The PES and the laboratories have formed leading test capability, which greatly supports the team of division Ⅴ in conducting innovative research in transportation infrastructure area.
Research Areas
(1)  Service environment and service behavior of transportation infrastructure
(2)  Sensing technology and smart road
(3)  Multi-scale simulation of road materials and structure
(4)  Functional materials development and application
(5)  Energy harvesting at transportation infrastructure
(6)  Application of big data and AI technology
(7)  Resilient road and climate change adaptation
Research Highlights
(1)  Modeling pavement behavior under multi-physics coupling through the fusion of multi-scale physical testing and simulation.


(2)   Energy harvesting system and application in transportation infrastructure.


(3)   Transportation infrastructure behavior monitoring and data interpretation.


Team members

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