An extensible, integrated and collaborative full-process simulation system was constructed for study the failure of engineering materials. This system makes up the lackage of the physical testing facilities’ environmental simulation capacity and overcome the drawbacks of the expensive cost of repeat testing.


This system is used to study digital simulation for engineer material safety assessment(from scientific research to engineering application).

Testing Capability

1.Simulation for materials failure utilized for multi-scale, different failure mode, different service condition and the experiments conducted under extreme conditions.

2.Combined testing ability of materials damage, achieves the combination of physical experiment and digital simulation.

Research Directions

1.The digital simulation for the failure process and mechanism of fatigue, fracture, corrosion of the engineering materials;

2.The cross-scale domain digital simulation for the mechanism of the interaction of materials and environment;

3.The model for failure mechanism, damage evaluation, and life prediction of materials and components.

Advantages of the Facility

By using this system, the simulation test is capable of overcoming the limitation of the scale and extreme environment coupling. Combined with physical facilities, the system is able to develop the hybrid test.



Overall composition of engineering structural material damage simulation test system


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