These devices are used to study the service life and reliability of materials and components in industrial and natural environments. By using the devices, equivalent accelerated testing and failure process of full-scale engineering materials or components under actual service conditions are carried out.

Test Capability

1.Test of standard materials specimens, shrinkage components, full-scale components, complex structures;

2.Material and components test under mechanical loads and service environments simultaneously;

3.Hybrid simulation test and remote test for component performance;

4.Creep testing (801600, subcritical water, melten salt, coal-fired flue gas etc.)

Research Direction

1.Size effect and environmental effect of fatigue and fracture of materials and components;

2.Material-component-structure integration performance test, life prediction and safety evaluation method;

3.Digital-physical fusion method for material service performance prediction of key components;

4.Distributed multi-site interconnection test technology for super large structure;

5.Creep performance and creep mechanisms of metallic materials in corrosion environment;

Advantages of the Facility

These devices realize comprehensive evaluation test of service performance of large/full-size materials or components in multi-field coupling environment.

                                                               Technical Specifications



Reaction wall and Strong Floor


Creep testing machine


30000kN universal tension and compression testing machine

1572933790358314.jpg    1572933803561200.jpg

Ultrasonic fatigue testing machine     Electromagnetic fatigue testing machine


-60~70 °C Environmental chamber


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