This facility is used to solve the corrosion and aging failure problems of engineering material and components under the atmospheric environment in the fields of industrial and city infrastructure. Large scale simulation testing facilities were constructed to study the effects of atmospheric environment on engineering materials and failure regularity.


1.Integrated corrosion chamber simulates the corrosion problems of metallic and inorganic non-metallic structural materials caused by urban atmosphere, industrial atmosphere and marine atmosphere in the central and eastern regions of China. The simulated environmental factors include temperature, humidity, light, rainfall, salt spray, atmospheric pollutants and alternation of dry and wet.

2.Western environment area simulates the special corrosion and aging problems of polymer and passive metal structural materials in the western plateau and desert region of China. The simulated environmental factors include high and low temperature alternation, humidity and strong ultraviolet radiation.

Testing Capability

1.Service performance evaluation of large-size / full-size component;

2.Service performance evaluation and accelerated test of small-size specimens;

3.Atmospheric exposure test.

Research Directions

1.Atmospheric corrosion environment spectrum and accelerated simulation test methods;

2.Life prediction and safety evaluation methods for engineering Materials and components in atmospheric environment;

3.Atmospheric corrosion behaviour and failure mechanism of engineering materials in multi-factor coupled environment;

4.Correlation between multi-factor coupled environment test and field exposure test;

5.Multi-scale evaluation method and cross-scale correlation of atmospheric corrosion behaviour of engineering materials;

6. Numerical simulation method and visualization model of corrosion behaviour in multi-factor coupled environment;

7.Establishment of database of indoor acceleration test for engineering materials/components and data mining methods.

Advantages of the Facility

This facility simulates the coupling environment of various atmospheric environmental factors with high reliability.

Specifications of Integrated Corrosion Chamber



Atmospheric environment test facility for engineering materials


 Advanced cyclic corrosion test chamber


Comprehensive aging test chamber  


Low pressure test chamber


Salt spray corrosion test chamber


Comprehensive test chamber


Temperature and humidity test chamber


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