As the increase of requirement of engineering materials service at extreme and complex conditions, a test device is constructed which is capable of simulating extreme service conditions in nuclear power and other fields and realizes in-situ observation and analysis.


This facility is used to test materials service at extreme and complex conditions such as nuclear power plant, super- supercritical fossil power plant, etc.

Testing Capability

1.Study the stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue test in ultra-high temperature ultra-high pressure water, high temperature high pressure water with specific dissolved ions, or high temperature high pressure lead-injected water;

2.Study the performance of engineering structure materials serviced in extreme environment, several equipment was built which could simulate the extreme working environment. The failure process of specimens could be in-situ observed and analyzed.

Research Direction

1.Failure mechanism of materials under high temperature high pressure water and load;

2.High temperature electrochemical corrosion behavior, damage mechanism, performance evolution and life prediction of key materials for nuclear power and thermal power.

Advantages of the Facility

The facility can simultaneously simulate high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, and erosive ions and other extremely harsh environments, and integrates a variety of in-situ observation equipment.


System structure diagram



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