Division VI focuses on the study of informationization which includes the realization of the capability of material damage simulation and mixed material damage test for cross-scale structures, and to build an expandable, integrated and collaborative simulation test system for the whole process of material failure of engineering structures.
Research Areas
1.First-principles calculation of corrosion tendency of metals with/ without passive film
2.FEM modeling of localized corrosion
3.Multi-scale simulation of the service behavior of  infrastructure materials
4.Performance degradation and remaining life prediction method based on functional principal component analysis
5.Abnormal data mining methods for time series
Research Highlights
1.The multi-source sensor information fusion framework was built for rolling bearings and engineering structures for uncertainty analysis, rolling bearing fault identification technology, bearing life prediction, transmission tower structure damage identification and residual life prediction.



2.The high-speed fluid-solid coupling and transformer simulation analysis technology for aircraft structure were developed.


3.The perfect surface, point-defect surface, step-defect surface, layer-defect surface of Al2O3 film with water molecules and chloride ions were comparatively studied. The co-adsorption micro-mechanism on the reaction and erosion of the surfaces were discussed.


4.The Chen-Mobius inversion embedded atom method (LI-EAM) for 27 pure metals and Al-based, Ti-based, Ni-based compounds were developed. The transfer and concision of potential were realized. The mechanical properties of Al-based intermetallics and high-temperature alloys were studied.


5.A silicon-based nano-material was designed, a novel encapsulated silicone-like nanotube was develop, and the structural stability and magnetism were simulated by first principles calculations .


Team members

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