These facilities meet the requirement of collaborative management and opening and sharing of physical test equipments and simulation test systems in the study of engineering material service safety evaluation. NCMS will open the equipment test service, simulation test, scientific test data and safety evaluation methods to the society.


These facilities meet the requirements of collaborative management and open sharing of physical experiment and simulation experiment system, opening and sharing facility is designed and developed. It can support the sharing of physical experiments, simulation experiments, scientific experiment data and safety evaluation.

Testing Capability

1.Remote monitoring and collaborative experiment of large - scale experimental device;

2.Intelligent evaluation based on big data, including engineering data , basic properties and service performance;

3.Safety evaluation of common engineering materials, service environment and failure form.

Research Directions

1.Material safety evaluation based on cloud computing model;

2.Intelligent control and distributed cooperative experiment of large-scale experimental device;

3.Experimental data analysis and modelling method of engineering materials;

4.Engineering materials, large data and intelligent applications based on information fusion technology;

5.Reliability and risk assessment model of engineering material service;

6.Study on new standard for safety evaluation of engineering material service.

                                                                 Technical Specifications



Overall architecture of system


TDM system interface


Interface of big data system




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