This system focuses on simulating the service conditions of tubular components and materials in nuclear and coal-fired power plants, including three equipment: Subcritical Water Environment Corrosion Testing Machine, Supercritical Water Environment Corrosion Testing Machine and Autoclave with Rotating Cylinder Electrode Testing Machine. The performance or failure mechanisms of components or materials served in power plants can be investigated using this system.


1.Study on failures of structure materials serving in high temperature high pressure (HTHP) water and stress, such as corrosion, stress corrosion cracking (SCC), flow accelerated corrosion (FAC), environmentally assisted fatigue (EAF), fretting corrosion, etc;

2.Service life evaluation of components serving in nuclear power plant or fossil power plant.

Testing Capability

1.Testing full/large scale components/specimens;

2.Accelerated evaluation test using small specimens or components;

3.Assessment of pipe components in service conditions;

4.Mechanical properties of materials in subcritical and supercritical water.

Research Directions

1.Failure modes of components/tube/pipe under synergistic action of stress and high temperature high pressure high flow velocity water;

2.Corrosion, SCC, EAF, FAC and fretting of materials in subcritical/supercritical water;

3.Service life evaluation and failure mechanism study of structure materials used in nuclear reactor and fossil power plant.

Advantages of the Facility

1.Double-loop design enables the equipment to simulate the conditions of steam generator tube in PWR: primary water within tube specimen and secondary water ouside.

2.Large scale autoclave and 250kN tester enables the equipment to do SCC of 3T CT specimen.

3.Testing of tube/pipe and CT/round specimens under synergistic action of multimodal loading and supercritical water.

Subcritical Water Environment Corrosion Testing Machine


                                                                                    Supercritical Water Environment Corrosion Testing Machine


Autoclave with Rotating Cylinder Electrode Testing Machine



Subcritical water environment corrosion testing machine


Supercritical water environment corrosion testing machine


Autoclave with rotating cylinder electrode testing machine


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