Associate Professor Qingmei Wang

Keywords:Big Data; Simulation


Professor Qingmei Wang is an Associate Professor in National Center for Materials Service Safety at Beijing University of Science and Technology. Her research areas include: big data, artificial intelligence, data engineering research in material field, application of numerical calculation in research on service behavior, damage mechanism and life prediction of materials, research on experimental design and parameter optimization, and research and simulation of mathematical model in material field.

l  Main Projects

- Project 1 “Major National Science and Technology Infrastructure Construction Projects”“High energy synchrotron radiation light source verification device-- Key technology of engineering material line station”2017-2018

- Project 2” National Natural Science Foundation of China”, “Research on Management Mechanism in the Organizational Implementation of National Major Scientific Research Instrument Development Projects”, 2015-2015

- Project 3”"863" plan”, “Service Damage Mechanism and Life Assessment Technology of Super alloy Hot End Components”, 2013-2015

- Project 4” National Natural Science Foundation of China”, “Fatigue Damage Mechanism and Deep Sea Corrosion Behavior of Titanium Alloys Modified by Surface Nano-crystallization and Micro-arc Oxidation”, 2013-2015

- Project 5” National Natural Science Foundation of China”, “Numerical Simulation of a Universal Dynamic Model for Copper Electro-deposition on ULSI Interconnects”, 2012-2014

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