Professor Wenyue Zheng

Keywords:corrosion and protection; high temperature alloy materials for nuclear power plants;steel for petroleum


Wenyue Zheng is a Distinguished Chair Professor in the National Center for Materials Service Safety at the University of Science and Technology Beijing. His research areas include service safety of materials in environment, corrosion control, high temperature alloy materials for nuclear and fossil power plants, steel for oil and gas sectors.

lMain Projects

  - Project 1Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, “Study on service safety of pipelines carrying natural gas mixed with hydrogen”, total fund 4000000 RMB, 2020-2022.

  - Project 2: Sinopec South China Branch:Study on the safety boundary and prevention technology of stress corrosion sensitivity of product oil pipeline”, total fund 480000 RMB, 2019-2020.

  - Project 3Research chair initiation support for scientific research, “Advanced energy materials and manufacturing”, total fund 5000000 RMB, 2017-2022.

  - Project 4“Basic scientific research support of Central Universities”, “Investigation, preparation and analysis of key fusion structural materials”, total fund 400000 RMB, 2019-2019.

  - Project 5:“HBIS Company Limited”, “Research and development of high-performance anticorrosion sucker rod steel”, total fund 700000 RMB, 2019-2022.

  - Project 6: “Research and development of service behavior evaluation technology for heat exchange tube and secondary pipe of nuclear power steam generator”,2018-2020.

 (Between 1995 and 2017, he completed more than 50 projects related to oil and gas pipeline steel, nuclear power materials projects, automotive magnesium alloy projects and fuel cell projects before returning home)

lMain Contributions

       - Contribution 1Member and project leader of ISO tc156 / SC1 full life cycle corrosion control standard committee

       - Contribution 2International Journal: editorial board member of Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science (ASME)

       - Contribution 3Member of Material Performance standards subcommittee of CSTM Standards Committee

       - Contribution 4: Chief scientist of Hegang group (Material Performance)

       - Contribution 5: Consultant of South China branch of Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd

       - Contribution 6: Member of Energy Investment Committee of China Investment Association


1.     British Council Graduate Study Scholarship (1984-1988)

2.     Post-doc Scholarship of University of Toronto (1989)

3.     Ministry of natural resources Achievement Award (2006) 

4.     Department of energy magnesium alloy development achievement award (2006)

5.     Ministry of natural resources Achievement Award (2012) 

6.    Distinguished Chair Professor of Beijing University of Science and Technology (2018)


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(For papers published between 1990-2015, please contact the professor.)



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