Assistant Professor Hongyu Zhou

Keywords:Al matrix composites, Wear resistant irons, Corrosion resistant steels


Hong-yu Zhou is an assistant researcher in the National Center for Materials Service Safety at the University of Science and Technology Beijing. His research areas include diamond/Al composites and hypereutectic Al/Si alloy for thermal management, ADI wear-resistant cast iron, corrosion-resistant sucker rod steel.

l Related Projects

- Project 1“Key Technology Project of HBIS Group Co., Ltd”, “Development of high performance advanced anti-corrosion sucker rod steel”, total fund 750000 RMB, 2019-2022.

- Project 2: “Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities”, “Microstructure and wear resistance mechanism of ADI grinding ball produced by two-step austempering process”, total fund 100000 RMB, 2019-2021.

- Project 3“Self-selected Project in School of University of Science and Technology Beijing”, “Low-cost Key preparation technology of diamond/Al composites with high-performance for thermal management materials”, total fund 250000 RMB, 2017-2019.

Main Contributions

- Contribution 1Diamond/Al composites for heat dissipation were prepared by liquid-solid separation technology that was investigated by SEM, XRD, and EMPA. The high thermal conductivity of the composites was obtained due to the generation of Al4Niand AlNi phases at their interfaces between Al and diamond.

- Contribution 2A liquid-solid separation technology was applied to fabrication packaging shells made of hypereutectic Al/Si composites with gradient distributions of the microstructure and properties. This new technology with near-net shape solves the problem of the formation of coarse flake primary Si, which will seriously deteriorate the mechanical properties of the materials, and unavoidable with conventional casting method.

- Contribution 3Austempered ductile irons (ADI) grinding balls produced by the two-step austempering process were analyzed by OM, SEM, Rockwell apparatus, impact-toughness tester, and friction wear testing machine. After a comprehensive analysis, we found the two-step austempering process was a new method for preparing high-performance ADI wear-resistant materials at a low cost.


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