Division VIII focus on surface science and engineering, our team is endeavoured to conduct scientific research on the surface and near-surface regions of materials to acquire engineering functions that are distinct from those functions demanded from the bulk of the material. More specifically, we systematically conduct both fundamental research and application-oriented development using laser surface engineering, electrochemical surface modification and other combination of physical, chemical and electrochemical technologies. The targeted applications of our surface engineering development include but are not limited to large systems for resource regeneration, renewable energy, and environmental management for enhanced performance and safety under harsh service conditions such as high temperature and high pressure in complex corrosive media.

Research Areas
1.Engineered surface and subsurface for resource regeneration systems with enhanced service life and safety
2.Protective surfaces of lightweight materials for sustainability
3.Catalytic and decorative nanostructured surfaces for energy and other applications
4.High performance surfaces for renewable energy systems
5.Porous surface and materials for environmental management systems
Research Highlights
1.High power laser surface and subsurface engineering technologies for large scale engineering systems
2.Hybrid AC/DC electrochemical/chemical surface modifications under various stimuli and electrolytic environment
3.Fabrication and modification of porous materials and structures using chemical vapor infiltration and related technologies

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