Division IV focuses on the development of information technology which include intelligent control, big data analysis and fusion, multi-sensors monitoring, complex system modelling, artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering, and the corresponding applications which include material damage identification, non-destructive detection, social network analysis, system reliability analysis and remaining lifetime prediction, etc.
Research Areas
1.Material safety evaluation based on cloud computing model
2.Intelligent control and distributed cooperative experiment of large-scale experimental device
3.Multi-sensors monitoring 
4.Engineering materials, big data and intelligent applications based on information fusion technology
5.Reliability and risk assessment model of engineering material service
Research Highlights
1.The system service safety and life prediction methods were developed for the problem of complex system service safety assessment.
2.The service  accuracy life prediction of high precision motorized spindle was improved to solve the problems of production assembly control.


3.The high-throughput experiment platform was built, which consists of high-throughput corrosion reaction facility, data acquisition system and data processing system, for reducing the occupation of the equipment and improving efficiency of sample preparation and experiment occurrence.


4.The dynamic detection and tracking on large-scale text stream were developed, which can obviously improves the efficiency of burst hotspots detection and tracking from large-scale text stream.


5.Data Fusion for Imbalance Data: An unbalanced data regression method based on Adaboost sample distribution adjustment was proposed.


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