High-temperature High-pressure Vapor Environment Test Facility passed Acceptance

On January 4th 2020, The High Temperature and High Pressure Vapor Environment Test Facility, one of the facilities belongs to MSAF, passed the technical acceptance test entrusted by the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education, China.  
“The High Temperature and High Pressure Vapor Environment Test Facility meets the functional requirements.”, approved by the expert group presided by Academician Liu Zhengdong, from China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group. “NCMS is a scientific research platform and sincerely invited researchers to come to the center to carry out cooperative research in the future”, said by Zhang weidong, the director of NCMS.

This event means that NCMS has the ability to test the tubular components and materials used in nuclear and coal-fired power plants. This facility is open to nuclear/fossil power industry, researchers, and trainees across industry, universities, government, and national laboratories.



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