The Mechano-chemical Coupled Environment Test Facility passed Acceptance Test

On September 22th 2020, The Mechano-chemical Coupled Environment Test Facility, one subject belongs to MSAF, passed the technical acceptance test entrusted by the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education, China. Academician Nie Jianguo, from Qinghua Univerisity, professor Wang Weicai, the Vice President of USTB  and professor Sun Dongbai, the chief scientist of the project, attended the acceptance meeting. 

Firstly, the expert group listened to the commissioning  report given by professor Ren Xuechong, the subproject leader. Next the expert group went to the laboratory for on-site testing. After questioning and discussion, the expert group concluded that the test data obtained is true and reliable. Finally, the expert group approved that the Mechano-chemical Coupled Environment Test Facility has reached the design requirements.

The Mechano-chemical Coupled Environment Test Facility, which is the largest subjects of MSAF, has the capability to conduct the equivalent accelerated testing of full-scale engineering materials or components under actual service conditions.This facility is open to  industry, researchers, universities, government, and national laboratories.



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